OS X Betas – Moved to a new Tab

Not only Mavericks is near for final release, here at ./Shade.sh i have to move some things in the right direction. From now on all new Beta’s have his own Tab on top of this Page – “OS X Beta”. There you will find all future beta releases.

This is a private and actual not a “Hey look the next OS X beta is released” blog. So my choice is to bring back the private spirit and more Linux and OS X related things (No not Betas 😉 ) to the front pages. I know that your RSS readers not get’s notified if there is a post in the OS X Beta section, if somebody know how to enable it on custom pages, let me know! For now, come back from time to time and see if there is a new beta ready for download or, just to visit my Blog 🙂

Golden Mavericks Times…

mavericksIt’s time folks, it’s time… here at ./Shade.sh we’re celebrating today golden times. The Golden Times of Mavericks! This time a Torrent has been created, because i have not enough resources to cover the bandwidth. If the download via HTTP mirror is to slow for you and you can do torrent, download it via torrent, it’s well seeded at the moment.

Have fun and let me know how good and how bad it runs!


-> Go to OS X Beta

Arch Linux – Linux-Mainline (Mirror)

arch-linux-logoHey folks, i have mirrored the (sometimes) very slow download host of “arch.miffe.org” which has the linux-mainline kernel package for Arch Linux for both architectures (i686 and x86_64).

So if anybody out there needs the mainline kernel and also had problems with the arch.miffe.org host, you can also use this server string:



in your pacman.conf (or Mirrorlist or wherever you have it on your arch setup). The updates are running every day.

Only minor updates…

mavericksHere we are again, only some minor updates for you today.

Happy testing!




OS X 10.9 Developer Preview 8 Combo Update (SHA1 bd0f9046f0ee81e046b206ce2ac4fb78a5b37448)
OS X 10.9 DP8 Server Update Build 13S387 (SHA1 617022af1501c56801e96659c34e8dffb6d8a4bd)
Safari 6.1 Seed 8 Installer (SHA1 cec585866839ae1a2377878d392d92c83afb1706)
Safari 6.1 Seed 8 Uninstaller (SHA1 2edfd0f72140ab1ac7eff9fcaf8cf624f04b8bee)

XCode 5 Golden Master / Remote Desktop 370A55

xcodeHere it is the XCode 5 Golden Master with 64Bit App Support build in and the command line tools. Did you already installed iOS 7 on your devices? It’s running very well on my iPhone 5!

Happy testing, just for you!



XCode 5 Golden Master Build 5A1412 (SHA1 9fbb5a806e31cedc02a16c4328d0d500f9cf919e)
XCode 5 Golden Master Command Line Tools (SHA1 abd6da89e62d01abdee3656b8bba9891322ac618)
Apple Remote Desktop Build 370A55 (SHA1 5871d06f4bf728381b0b574cd37c7f5c31c93218)

Long live the Mountain Lion!

mountainThe (very) long awaited next beta of 10.8.5 with build number 12F36 is ready to test! Maybe it’s the last beta we will see from 10.8.5?!

Happy testing!


OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F36 Combo Update (SHA1 7cf258f138d4193c6bf68118ecff12714b47b4e0)
OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F36 Delta Update (SHA1 4b5393d0ccf70001538aebc95ac550b4e213b359)

Late… Mavericks Updates!

mavericksI know… i’m very late today but i’m (was) are very busy. So what we have here, some updates regarding the new Mavericks from Apple.

Have fun on testing out that stuff!



OS X Mavericks 10.9 DP7 Build 13A569 Combo (SHA1 5f678340ab3b1b2b77de63bf76b8c447c1b353b7)
Apple Remote Desktop Build 370A54 (SHA1 f614b7089ed142d1c22cbbb4fb1421ed447d9aea)
Safari 6.1 Seed 7 Mountain Lion Installer (SHA1 deb552af856c1b7e0aa0f1b7cd3a12d8b7093036)
Safari 6.1 Seed 7 Mountain Lion Uninstaller (SHA1 93e7020fac61e6fa7409bea0179b4023066686d6)
OS X Mavericks 10.9 DP7 Server (SHA1 136f8bf46b627682b2e6e0224230878622948b0e)

Mavericks is near….!

mavericksHere we are DP6 is available! Bit late but hey, better late then never! 😉

Some stuff added: XCode DP6 with CL Tools, Safari 6.1 Seed 6, Remote Desktop Preview Build 370A51, iPhoto 11 Build 9.4.6 and the corresponding OS X Server Preview Build 13s341g!

Happy downloading, happy testing!


OS X Mavericks 10.9 DP6 Combo Update (SHA1 09e2cc9d8136afa2464ea055da85669a862e3734)
OS X Server Preview Build 13s341g (SHA1 78f2446b0e326a3947c60a416246706f01e229db)
XCode 5 Developer Preview 6 (SHA1 2d9b9c376f275f1c9a3d2905156b003df4169957)
XCode Command Line Tools Mavericks (SHA1 d8f5a2f4c7a51b1d47b7823c40afc60d0b8d17e6)
XCode Command Line Tools Mountain Lion (SHA1 6631bca975dde54775dd995a6afaa6a1735b700a)
Safari 6.1 Seed 6 Installer (SHA1 52195cd13331d25b5ee3f01d45f1248cdc741857)
Safari 6.1 Seed 6 Uninstaller (SHA1 e2c60d0fd7f382dcad67db19e1700b1ec37f4cbb)
Apple Remote Desktop Build 370A51 (SHA1 0fb1092817b280242ad6e0965e753d49f731cde5)
iPhoto 11 Mavericks Preview Build 9.4.6 (SHA1 81e1c0d23a60be1be49ad977c61afe21f82aefd0)

iTunes in the Air…

itunes1111.1 Beta 2 is in the air!

Have phun!




iTunes 11.1 Beta 2 Build 11.1b48 (SHA1 4cc78994a82d10f4742a11ea276cbde3e1bcc4e1)

Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Safari!

mavericksHere we go! Some Mavericks stuff, Developer Preview 4 Full Installer, Developer Preview 5 Combo Update, Safari 6 Developer Seed 5 aaand 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F33 released and available here for download.

Have fun folks!



OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F33 Combo Update (SHA1 78bd369cecb537d3fda91327f7a1a070d3e24ec8)
OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F33 Delta Update (SHA1 9af4a1b34f82abfbbf66a99e5d3ff7d2bcc945da)
OS X 10.9 DP5 Combo Update (SHA1 f8a48a662463855abb093ce3a2a67e35c6f42296)
OS X 10.9 Mavericks DP4 Full Installer (SHA1 9578dfd2f8fba1a574cf792013af62d0930ba00e)
Safari 6 Developer Seed 5 Installer (SHA1 87ae9722fbc494c1c9305a88470c77788e4988a6)
Safari 6 Developer Seed 5 Uninstaller (SHA1 5f284d854cf8371f19de8a3dfb10605c9d6fa0f0)