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apple-ipad-air-635Short life sign from turkey! I got a prepaid SIM from AVEA and so far it’s ok. Not so fast as TurkCell may be but ok for that price and volume. As soon as i’m back home, the new MacBook Pro Retina, and a new iPad Mini are ordered for sure!

What do think about the latest lineup from Apple? MacBook Pro with Haswell and AC WLan was confirmed long time before, but did anyone expect a iPad Air? Whats about you? Already ordered some of the new stuff or still explorng Mavericks (FREE!) final?

Let me know what do you think about and what do you order (or already ordered) from the new stuff Apple let us know yesterday!

  1. I really love the iPad mini retina, however, I’m a little disappointed it didn’t make the TouchID and golden style. Another thing I’m curious about is the MIMO tech instead of 802.11ac. but still – ordered due to immense powerful A7 chip.

    MBPr ? was hoping the 13″ would get the Iris Pro graphics – but other than that – it’s a great new line-up. I always loved the retina design – so that works for me.

    Mavericks is a great step towards gaining popularity among simple small and home office customers as it includes all necessary apps needed to get most of your work done.

  2. Ich habe mir gestern das Macbook Pro Retina mit Haswell gekauft. In der 13″ Variante mit 8GB RAM und 256GB SSD. Ich bin schwer beeindruckt. Vorher hatte ich das 2012er Macbook Pro 13″ non Retina. Das neue ist schon eine deutliche Steigerung. Ich bin echt glücklich damit!

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