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10.8.4 Build 12E36 is out!

mountainNot many words, here it is.
Have fun and report whats wrong and whats good with that one!



OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E36 Delta Update (SHA1 f6f0b34510b93a5d5f30baa6a9d0a4515e92d038)
OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E36 Combo Update (SHA1 df3b4254c9984b02ab76f2f9dbc230fdc1f56729)

10.8.4 Beta Build 12E33a

mountainNot may words, some of you already have it downloaded over the SeedConf Utility, maybe some other need still need it. Here you go!



OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E33a Delta Update (SHA1 d25a0d93eb103729b432d3f283957c0b6e14589e)
OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E33a Combo Update (SHA1 7a146a05f78f16534e18d1c11ffa9f29d90a9b71)

Next 10.8.4 Beta release is out of Cupertino!

mountainMany of you already tweeted and mailed me, that the next beta candidate is out of the Apple headquarter of Cupertino. I’m courious what changed since the first beta last week, because the Delta update seems very smal with not even 300 Megabyte. As always, you will tell me what good and what bad is included in that update for sure. Thats the first time both download servers can used for a first time release here, hope this time the speed is a little bit better!

For you, for happiness, for testing, have fun!

OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E30 Delta Update (SHA1 9676002dd6a80502e70344db9549a6136725cf02)
OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E30 Combo Update (SHA1 8d0b53049a7ecb28bed1357df35d3d3739aabd75)

Short Bandwidth notice

Cat5_CablesSo, some of you already complaining about slow speeds and stalled downloads from here. Well, i saw this coming, more and more people download this stuff and it was only a matter of time i need more bandwidth.

For now i added one more (IPv4 and IPV6) server to the DNS and it should rotate in round robin concept. If the bandwidth need still grows that much, i have to get some nice GBit lines here… uh and can everybody see the nice and shiny Bitcoin Donate button on the right? 😉

Keep in mind that this are all “only” betas, what happen if the next cat (10.9) is released… it scares me and my servers right now! :p

10.8.4 Beta Build 12E27 is out!

mountainSome people already tweeted me that 10.8.4 dev is out. I couldn’t belive it, but it’s true. That was fast Apple! The 10.8.3 is still a little bit hot 😉 I really hope this beta is not going to be a “this is now beta number 25”. I can smell 10.9 in the air…

As always, for your, for testing, have fun!

OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E27 Combo Update (SHA1 33bde6dcd0954c720374999e2e30af326c4c2018)