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Apple AirKeyNote

apple-ipad-air-635Short life sign from turkey! I got a prepaid SIM from AVEA and so far it’s ok. Not so fast as TurkCell may be but ok for that price and volume. As soon as i’m back home, the new MacBook Pro Retina, and a new iPad Mini are ordered for sure!

What do think about the latest lineup from Apple? MacBook Pro with Haswell and AC WLan was confirmed long time before, but did anyone expect a iPad Air? Whats about you? Already ordered some of the new stuff or still explorng Mavericks (FREE!) final?

Let me know what do you think about and what do you order (or already ordered) from the new stuff Apple let us know yesterday!

Closed for holiday!









As the title already says, i’m out for vacation the next 2 weeks. I’ll try to get a prepaid SIM for turkey but i think the internet there (near Outback) is not stable enough and unaffordable to be online every day. My hotel has only internet in the lobby and on the pool 😉

Happy time and a good Apple Keynote to all of you!

OS X Betas – Moved to a new Tab

Not only Mavericks is near for final release, here at ./ i have to move some things in the right direction. From now on all new Beta’s have his own Tab on top of this Page – “OS X Beta”. There you will find all future beta releases.

This is a private and actual not a “Hey look the next OS X beta is released” blog. So my choice is to bring back the private spirit and more Linux and OS X related things (No not Betas 😉 ) to the front pages. I know that your RSS readers not get’s notified if there is a post in the OS X Beta section, if somebody know how to enable it on custom pages, let me know! For now, come back from time to time and see if there is a new beta ready for download or, just to visit my Blog 🙂

Golden Mavericks Times…

mavericksIt’s time folks, it’s time… here at ./ we’re celebrating today golden times. The Golden Times of Mavericks! This time a Torrent has been created, because i have not enough resources to cover the bandwidth. If the download via HTTP mirror is to slow for you and you can do torrent, download it via torrent, it’s well seeded at the moment.

Have fun and let me know how good and how bad it runs!


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