Wardriver Rev3 Shade Mod

You may already know the Wardriver.uk Rev3 from wardriver.uk i modded the Case, Software and removed the GSM Module and added the 5GHZ BW16 Module with IPEX.


  • Added Support for 1.3″ I2C 128x64px Display with the Adafruit compatible SH1106 library.
  • Rearranged the Text to fit the bigger display.
  • Added the BW16 IPEX Module for 5GHZ WiFi
  • Added a bigger (25x25mm) ceramic GPS antenna
  • Modded the 3D printable case to house the GPS antenna and the 5GHZ antenna

You can find most of the changed hardware on Aliexpress.

You’ll find the modified software on my Github, keep in mind the software is not polished for the moment. I try to be in sync with the original wardriver.uk Firmware. The new case is also available on Github for now.

  1. Hey there ! Is there any more info on this like screen size and all that I can find ? Awesome work !

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