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OPNSense 10Gbit DEC750

It seems its hard to get this nice piece of Hardware to utilize its two 10gbit SFP+ Links.
The CPU, a AMD V1500B, isn’t the fastest in comparison to todays embedded Processors on the Market.

After a lot reading through the OPNsense Forums and several FreeBSD Blogs / Bug Tracker, i maybe found the ideal Tuning Parameters to squeeze the most out of this tiny fanless Box.

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GY-GPS6MV2 on Pwnagotchi

With the current available latest Release of Pwnagotchi, v1.5.3, it’s not possible to use the UART (TC / RX) GPIOs on a Raspberry PI. Thats because of the wrong compiled Waveshare V2 Display Driver.

You have to recompile it as root with a different header file.

cd /usr/local/src/gratis/
make rpi-remove PANEL_VERSION=V231_G2
make rpi-clean PANEL_VERSION=V231_G2
make rpi PANEL_VERSION=V231_G2 EPD_IO=epd_io_free_uart.h
make rpi-install PANEL_VERSION=V231_G2 EPD_IO=epd_io_free_uart.h

After installing the new driver, reboot and your UART Pins should be available again.

HomeMatic IP AccessPoint

Edit 12.12.2020: Nach einem Softwareupdate und dem Stand vom Oktober (Kann man über die UART Schnittstelle des APs rausbekommen) scheint nun auch ein DHCP Relay kein Problem mehr zu sein.

Kurzer Hinweis, für alle die verzweifeln. Der HomeMatic IP Access Point kann nicht mit DHCP Relays umgehen! Ein Relay an einem VLAN Interface z.b. bei OPNSense funktioniert nicht mit dem AccessPoint. Auch wenn sonstige Endgeräte damit kein Problem haben…

Erst ein DHCP Server direkt im VLAN, verrichtet seinen Job dann auch mit dem Stück deutscher Herstellungskunst.

Software made in Germany!

Ich würde euch allerdings sowieso empfehlen, EQ-3 bzw. Homematic Geräte zukünftig zu meiden:

Anet A8 Board Version 1.5 und Marlin Firmware

Falls jemand auch in den “Genuss” kam einen Anet A8 Drucker zu erwerben, welcher Out of the Box keine Sicherheitsfunktionen wie “Thermal Runaway” etc besitzt. Dem sei gesagt, wenn ihr eine Mainboard Revision 1_5 (1.5) habt, ist es gar nicht so einfach Marlin oder eine andere Custom Firmware zu flashen. Der Grund scheint hier wohl ein defekter oder zu großer Bootloader zu sein.

Ich habe nun einige Tage damit verbracht, herauszufinden warum es nicht auf dem normalen Weg mit der Arduino IDE nicht klappt. Am Ende bin ich dazu übergegangen, das ganze mit einem ISP Programmer zu erledigen. Was anfangs auch nicht ganz einfach war, ich komme nicht aus der Microcontroller Welt ,)

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Das erste mal Vodafone (Mobil)! (Update 16.07)

Moin Folks!

Lange hatte ich kein passenden Thema für einen Blogpost. LineageOS hat sich auch mehr ins XDA Forum verschoben, OS X Betas hier machen irgendwie keinen Sinn mehr, nachdem Apple Public Betas anbietet.

Jetzt hab ich ein ganz anderes Thema, ich muss es mir einfach von der Seele reden (schreiben). Denn an der Hotline, kann ich nur mit einer ganz schlecht gemachten Alexa sprechen die mich immer abweist 🙁
Ihr merkt schon Yet Another Customer Report… Gähn. Jaja aber der hier hat schon fast Abenteuercharakter, glaubt mir 😉

Vorgeschichte, ich war lange Kunde bei der Telekom im Bereich Mobilfunk, danach bei Congstar. Hatte bei Congstar auch eigentlich nie Probleme aber die Ansprüche wachsen hald mit zunehmenden Alter! Ich war zwar Altkunde mit PostPaid und LTE aber hald bekannt mageren Geschwindigkeiten und eher weniger inkl. Volumen. Also mal umgeschaut und da bin ich bei Vodafone hängen geblieben. Vor einigen Wochen mal auf der Homepage mit einem Kundenberater gechattet und mal ausgelotet was da so geht.

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PrivacyIDEA – 2nd Factor made easy!

privacyIDEA1Have you ever searched for a good, secure, not complex, customizable and cheap 2nd factor implementation?

Stop searching!

PrivacyIDEA is one of the candidates i searched for a long long time… i already dealt with RSA, Kobil, Stonesoft, GoogleAuth (own build solution) and much more. I can now say, this is the most perfect solution for all your 2nd factor authentication needs. The most important part is, its OpenSource and everybody can check if there is some bug or backdoor and (!) its perfectly customizable!

It has all the plugins for Apps that you already love to use and already use in your daily work. FreeRadius, PAM, Nginx, Apache2, OpenVPN, Typo3 and much more!

It can be used with a lot of authentication mechanism, TOTP (Software or Hardware based), HOTP (Software or Hardware based), Email, Yubikey, and much much more! The interesting part is, you can also use your existing LDAP server (Microsoft, OpenLDAP and simliar) or local flat file (Linux Passwd) to map users to your 2nd factor tokens.

I used it with TOTP Software or Feitian Token in a MySQL Master-Master Active/Active setup with FreeRadius to authenticate users (Very large userbase!) for VPN on our Cisco ASA. It works as expected and so far without a single problem.

Give it a try if you ever searched for a cheap (Get commercial support if you use it in your company!), OpenSource, flexible and easy to use 2nd factor solution, you will not be disappointed.

PS: No, this is not a sponsored or paid article! I’m really convinced of this software!

DHCP-Snooping and Baramundi PXE


Hey folks just a short notice for everyone who uses this combination on Procurve (Maybe this also applies to Cisco and / or Comware) switches. If you enable and configure DHCP-Snooping with trusted ports and authorized servers don’t forget to also authorize the Baramundi PXE Server…

I have no idea why this thing acts like a DHCP server (I’m not really a windows guy 😉 ) but after authorizing it as “DHCP Server” in the snooping, the PXE feature works again on all clients.

MacBook Pro 11,2 and AirPort Extreme problems… (Update 1)


Folks, a new day a Apple Wifi problem… Did anyone out there also notice the horrible 5GHZ AC connection from the latest MacBook Pro and the latest AirPort Extreme? I have pings between 2ms to 1000ms, paket loss and very very low transfer speeds of under 10Mbit/s. The funny thing is, the Signal/Noise ratio is perfect, the signal is excelent and even the Apple indicates a full speed connection of “1300” Mbit/s….

I noticed, if there is a lot of load on the Wifi the ping answers are way better (Down to 5ms and stable) as with no load and only background noise… the first thing i said to myself, hmm maybe engery saving but there is not option to change anything in this direction. There is no difference between WPA/WPA2/WPA2 Enterprise, always the same behavior. If i change the Wifi channel, the problem is gone for some time, but not for long. If my MBPr goes to sleep and woke up, the same strange thing. So my question, is anybody out there with the same or similar problems?

Edit: Temporary fix is to disable Power Nap! So wifi also sleeps and gets powered up on wake up. This solves my problem, well new OS, new Book, new Airport, i expected something like this :/

Edit 2: The latest AirPort Extreme Firmware update solved almost all issues.

Apple AirKeyNote

apple-ipad-air-635Short life sign from turkey! I got a prepaid SIM from AVEA and so far it’s ok. Not so fast as TurkCell may be but ok for that price and volume. As soon as i’m back home, the new MacBook Pro Retina, and a new iPad Mini are ordered for sure!

What do think about the latest lineup from Apple? MacBook Pro with Haswell and AC WLan was confirmed long time before, but did anyone expect a iPad Air? Whats about you? Already ordered some of the new stuff or still explorng Mavericks (FREE!) final?

Let me know what do you think about and what do you order (or already ordered) from the new stuff Apple let us know yesterday!

Apple did it right… if i see my traffic stats ;)

Cat5_CablesWell, this is suprising, even for me. I already ordered some more bandwidth and traffic for this new Cat, errr Sea Lion, errrrr Mavericks few days ago but this is absolutly crazy!

You generated more traffic since beginning of the year in only now 14 hours. Currently we held around 800 stable connections open and had a total summary of more then 8TB traffic. The Main Mirror is still on 100% port limit since release of the download here.

Guy’s you are really crazy… Some of you may now say, ehh i saw this coming – Well i don’t. I expected much more traffic and bandwidth need but not this much, no this was suprising. Anyway, i hope you enjoy the ride and be able to get much more fun out of all the betas from Apple! There are more to come, more Developer Previews and much more fun! Let me know how is goes with the new Sea Lion, sorry i mean Mavericks OS X 😉