Windows 7 ISO with VirtIO drivers

If somebody needs it, i’ve made a ISO image of Windows 7 with SP1 and VirtIO drivers integrated. Some Cloud hosters needs the VirtIO drivers for the storage. You can install Windows 7 on Vultr with this image. Keep in mind this is a german language ISO, but you can install language packs after the installation.

Windows 7 SP1 with VirtIO ISO (SHA1 522e4f1b235d5f2de5140d69c9f98cb8ad1f56a6)

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  1. Danke, das habe ich gesucht.
    Leider hast Du nicht dazu geschrieben, um welche Version es sich handelt (Home, Prem/Prof).
    Ebenso bekomm ich diese ISO nicht gebootet unter Proxmox. Andere “bootbare” ISO’s gehen jedoch.

    Trotzdem danke Dir & weiter so 😉

  2. 😛
    thanks a lot. this saves me a lot time uploading a windows 7 to some server

  3. you save my live, thank you very much

  4. I love the interwebs, and kind people like yourself. Thank you!

  5. The link keep sending me to a error page. Can the link be re-uploaded and does anyone have a English version?

  6. Hi Shade. Would you be kind enough to email it to I am weirdly still encountering the same problem of 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable popping up once I click on the link.

  7. Please lol? Anyone?

  8. How Do I add a english language pack to this?

  9. great! but can’t download remotely on any servers!

  10. and if you do win2k8r2, then please do the English version 🙂

    • Hey shade, don’t worry about 2k8 r2! I,ll make this myself and upload, and obviously I’ll test on Vultr 😛

  11. Hey Shade I’ve created 2008 r2 version, and It’s working fine as expected, gotta upload this. Will you then mirror it?

  12. Sayem, please can you make the link available if you have created and upload 2008 r2 version.

    Thanks! Thanks all

  13. Hey, any chance in getting a Win 7 iso with virtio in English? I don’t understand 2 words in technical German, it’s a pita.

  14. please upload windows 2012 r2 virtio iso

  15. Thank you very much …
    love u full 😆

  16. I need Windows 7 32 bit ISO with VirtIO drivers please

  17. Thanks a lot, i was traying with w10 and i couldt

  18. english please ? 😀

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