Golden Mavericks Times…

mavericksIt’s time folks, it’s time… here at ./ we’re celebrating today golden times. The Golden Times of Mavericks! This time a Torrent has been created, because i have not enough resources to cover the bandwidth. If the download via HTTP mirror is to slow for you and you can do torrent, download it via torrent, it’s well seeded at the moment.

Have fun and let me know how good and how bad it runs!


-> Go to OS X Beta

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  1. Since the update a couple of apps won’t start anymore:
    System update

    Do you guys have any idea what I can do about that?

  2. Ei amigos, o gerenciamento de energia estΓ‘ funcional neste “GM”? Valeu.

    Hey friends, power management is working on this “GM”? Thanks.

  3. Thanks from Canada

  4. thanks so much for the DP xcode man, was wondering why icpc was crying!

  5. Thanks a lot men!! My battery performance is better now

  6. Paris Papadopoulos

    Thanks! πŸ˜› This was really helpful! Mavericks is being downloaded on limewire right now for me, but seems to be taking a while. Other than that, thanks!

  7. No command line tools, neither direct nor torrent πŸ™

  8. OS X Mavericks GM build: 13A603 πŸ˜›

  9. New build it up yet sir?

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