Monthly Archives: July 2013

Some smal updates!

xcodeSo we have some nice updates here. XCode 5 Developer Preview 4 with Command Line Tools and the brand new iTunes 11 Beta 1!

Happy Downloading!

Update: Safari 6.1 Seed 4 added!


iTunes 11 Beta 1 (SHA1 e5825f5a383e67c65cf48e1782ea613d48a086af)
XCode 5 DP 4 Command Line Tools Mountain Lion (SHA1 d2743274ffd6b5b329283e2c71058b0fd97ed55f)
XCode 5 DP 4 Command Line Tools Mavericks (SHA1 9783b30acd4f35c4d3d7f8a73cfd3ffd002b666d)
XCode 5 Developer Preview 4 (SHA1 3a7fe1ac9f847f833233d0cedb417cdee75262f3)
Safari 6.1 Seed 4 Mountain Lion Installer (SHA1 e4ed8162f4d9dcf5b90c0212fea99edfef1a5d13)
Safari 6.1 Seed 4 Mountain Lion Uninstaller (SHA1 39d3fa7f19a9f334d08f1e86e1a6be99e5f4d2f7)


mountainAs the title says, next beta of 10.8.5 is out and i really hope the wlan stack (In 5GHZ mode) is now more stable then in the other builds.

For you, for testing, for happiness!


OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F26 Delta Update (SHA1 48e587a121e54c4127a20564d4dc83b7dcaf8ab3)
OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F26 Combo Update (SHA1 be45c40bb9befa122504143c790be9346a830dc5)

Developer Preview 4 for 10.9

mavericksThe stone is still rolling…

DP4 of Mavericks is here and available for download.

For you, for testing!


OS X 10.9 DP4 Build 13A524d Combo Update
(SHA1 ea689865de68f4c9417ada4f7162bcea6186a920)

Build 12F23 of 10.8.5 is here!

mountainNext Build of 10.8.5 is released and available for us.

Happy testing, i hope the SDCard reader works now…


OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F23 Delta Update (SHA1 084a8655939e3e4946bd16caa56e7848dca97faa)
OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F23 Combo Update (SHA1 11cda3f3825fb9e6294c4092fde2c501b6220b8c)

10.8.5 Build 12F20

mountainHere it is! Have fun!

Maybe the last Beta of 10.8.5 we will see!


OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F20 Delta Update (SHA1 a98603d937429d7885162f07f8ddd9bcbc7ed9ea)
OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F20 Combo Update (SHA1 da6213b162ac7abd15d37a56267b9df4fc70c8a3)

OS X 10.9 and XCode DP3! (and Safari 6.1 Seed 3)

mavericksHere they are. Developer Preview 3 family of new generation OS X!
Let me know how it goes on your Mac!

Happy testing!



OS X 10.9 DP3 Combo Update Build 13A510D (SHA1 3266db2e9935ba0a99cf8010fccb2946c2478c37)
XCode 5 DP3 Build 5A11344j (SHA1 9aaba4b7ed0757412de350db5d89f0a15292b964)
Safari 6.1 Seed 3 Installer (SHA1 d38ccd3db4e04aea25b7fa5819e7071d5236b72e)
Safari 6.1 Seed 3 Uninstaller (SHA1 eca3bd7eead96e1bd6f6de16e448d8dddbd0bfec)

10.8.5 Beta Build 12F17 out!

mountainHeya! Short post about a new release of 10.8.5 with build number 12F17.

Happy testing my friends!


OS X 10.8.5 Build 12F17 Delta Update (SHA1 cad0baf983657f85f5d6b379eaf0d77a1b2af12c)
OS X 10.8.5 Build 12F17 Combo Update (SHA1 e2787b789f1887e21066bda6d294180488b03ce1)
Safari 6.1 Seed 2 Installer (SHA1 3df609187d3dd965e6728b3d0306cee39e3dbba1)
Safari 6.1 Seed 2 Uninstaller (SHA1 25a16acb7f84f6a4672f7ff725d9a5d76d333c11)