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GY-GPS6MV2 on Pwnagotchi

With the current available latest Release of Pwnagotchi, v1.5.3, it’s not possible to use the UART (TC / RX) GPIOs on a Raspberry PI. Thats because of the wrong compiled Waveshare V2 Display Driver.

You have to recompile it as root with a different header file.

cd /usr/local/src/gratis/
make rpi-remove PANEL_VERSION=V231_G2
make rpi-clean PANEL_VERSION=V231_G2
make rpi PANEL_VERSION=V231_G2 EPD_IO=epd_io_free_uart.h
make rpi-install PANEL_VERSION=V231_G2 EPD_IO=epd_io_free_uart.h

After installing the new driver, reboot and your UART Pins should be available again.

HomeMatic IP AccessPoint

Edit 12.12.2020: Nach einem Softwareupdate und dem Stand vom Oktober (Kann man über die UART Schnittstelle des APs rausbekommen) scheint nun auch ein DHCP Relay kein Problem mehr zu sein.

Kurzer Hinweis, für alle die verzweifeln. Der HomeMatic IP Access Point kann nicht mit DHCP Relays umgehen! Ein Relay an einem VLAN Interface z.b. bei OPNSense funktioniert nicht mit dem AccessPoint. Auch wenn sonstige Endgeräte damit kein Problem haben…

Erst ein DHCP Server direkt im VLAN, verrichtet seinen Job dann auch mit dem Stück deutscher Herstellungskunst.

Software made in Germany!

Ich würde euch allerdings sowieso empfehlen, EQ-3 bzw. Homematic Geräte zukünftig zu meiden:

DHCP-Snooping and Baramundi PXE


Hey folks just a short notice for everyone who uses this combination on Procurve (Maybe this also applies to Cisco and / or Comware) switches. If you enable and configure DHCP-Snooping with trusted ports and authorized servers don’t forget to also authorize the Baramundi PXE Server…

I have no idea why this thing acts like a DHCP server (I’m not really a windows guy 😉 ) but after authorizing it as “DHCP Server” in the snooping, the PXE feature works again on all clients.

Synology TimeMachine and OS X 10.9

synoIf somebody ever wondered about the TimeMachine error message “This backup is already in use” or in german “Dieses Backup wird bereits verwendet”. I think the Synology has problems with PowerNap or some other suspend mode in OS X 10.9.x.

Normally the error is gone after you rebooted the Synology but would you really reboot your NAS every few days? No!

This trick assumes that you have full SSH root access to your NAS. If not please enable SSH on your Synology, you can use this guide to get it enabled.

After you enabled SSH please be sure that no other TimeMachine Backup is running and login to your NAS.

find /volume* -name

If you know the full path to your TimeMachine folder, please replace the “/volume*” with this path, otherwise this can take some time, depending on your amount of files.

You should now know the full path to that file. Now it’s time to rename it! If your path is like “/volume1/timemachine/mbp.sparsebundle/” You can rename it with:

mv /volume1/timemachine/mbp.sparsebundle/ \

If you have multiple TimeMachine backups saved on your NAS, the directories are different! After you renamed the file, the backup should run fine again!

Edit: If this does not work for you, search for running processes on the Synology with the username of your TimeMachine User. Kill all of those processes and you should be fine.

Search for this PID (My user is “tm“, yours is very likely different):

ps | grep tm | grep -v root

Output should like this:

17465 tm 23380 S /usr/syno/sbin/afpd -g guest -c 256 -n pandora6 AFPServer -l default log_error

Now kill that process with the PID (Yours is different!):

kill 17465

Big Beta news from Apple!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-23 um 07.26.31Thats surprising… if you not already read it on the web, Apple opened the Beta Seeds to the public! At least for Mavericks it’s now possible to get the betas a legal way direct from Apple without any Developer restrictions! Never thought i’d live to see this day!

More info here:


Side note: Please install the latest OS X security update 2014-002 as soon as possible, some serious bugs are fixed!

HP iMC Software on CentOS 6

Just for everyone who have the same problems with installing that Java software on CentOS6. The database config is really strange… if the Deploy fails for you, just open your desired MySQL Database manager, or do it directly on the cli. Open the user management, or just the table, change the hostfield  from “%” to “localhost” of each iMC added user. In my case this was:


“iMC deploy” adds all users with “%” but later iMC trys to connect with e.g. imc_config@localhost and gets a Access denied from mysql. Thats the reason why all deploy jobs fails on CentOS 6 and iMC 5.2 :/ If you need the password, which is a randon generated one, from each user you can get it with:

/opt/iMC/deploy/ -query config_db <username>

MacBook Pro 11,2 and AirPort Extreme problems… (Update 1)


Folks, a new day a Apple Wifi problem… Did anyone out there also notice the horrible 5GHZ AC connection from the latest MacBook Pro and the latest AirPort Extreme? I have pings between 2ms to 1000ms, paket loss and very very low transfer speeds of under 10Mbit/s. The funny thing is, the Signal/Noise ratio is perfect, the signal is excelent and even the Apple indicates a full speed connection of “1300” Mbit/s….

I noticed, if there is a lot of load on the Wifi the ping answers are way better (Down to 5ms and stable) as with no load and only background noise… the first thing i said to myself, hmm maybe engery saving but there is not option to change anything in this direction. There is no difference between WPA/WPA2/WPA2 Enterprise, always the same behavior. If i change the Wifi channel, the problem is gone for some time, but not for long. If my MBPr goes to sleep and woke up, the same strange thing. So my question, is anybody out there with the same or similar problems?

Edit: Temporary fix is to disable Power Nap! So wifi also sleeps and gets powered up on wake up. This solves my problem, well new OS, new Book, new Airport, i expected something like this :/

Edit 2: The latest AirPort Extreme Firmware update solved almost all issues.

BlueTinted Screen on discrete graphics card

Dark-Blue-Tinted-GlassI got news about my problem with the blue tinted screen on graphic card change. I found, finally, a solution on the official Apple forums. It looks like it was a problem with different color schemes on both cards. The forum thread shows a short but working solution for this annoying problem. Some updates fixed it, but only for some time. The problem always came back some days after the update fixed it. Don’t ask me how this is possible…


1. With no other programs open (after a fresh reboot is probably best), calibrate your monitor as you like it  under System Prefs -> Display -> Color
2. Turn off auto-graphics switching under System Prefs -> Energy Saver
3. Reboot
4. Navigate to /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays and delete any profile that isn’t your newly calibrated display profile. (I deleted all profiles except the calibrated one)
5. Reboot
6. Turn on auto-graphics switching under System Prefs – Energy Saver
7. Reboot

E voilà this solved my problem! After long nights and digging around in OS X internals, it could be so easy…

10.8.3 Build 12D78 is the chosen one!

theendNot far from now, Build 12D78 is marked as final from apple and available at the Apple AppStore Update site! Wow, what a beta race build… i hope this Update is absolut flawless or i’m going out and buy a Windows 8 PC *brrrr* no i’ll never would do such horrible things, sorry for that 😉

I hope everybody out there enjoys the release and i also hope that it is a “everything is cool” release for all of us! Let me know how it goes on your Mac’s!

Edit: The “Blue Tined” bug is back… great, NOT!

Bug: AirPort Extreme 7.6.3 (Downgrade)

BugHey Folks, hat jemand von euch eine solche Kombination? Ich hatte vor einigen Stunden ein Angebot im Dienstprogramm meine AirPort Extreme von 7.6.1 auf 7.6.3 zu aktualisieren. Ein paar Tage vorher war ja 12D65 Tag, also auch brav AirPort Extreme Firmware 7.6.3 installiert. Lief auch soweit ganz gut. Bis eben, als mein MacBook Pro aus dem sleep aufgewacht ist. Das Wlan Signal war alle paar Minuten weg und kam auch nicht von selber wieder. Ich muss dazu sagen, ich arbeite ausschließlich im 5GHZ Netz mit meinem MacBook Pro. Andere Geräte sind alle im 2.4er Netz.

Erst nach Wlan deaktivieren und aktivieren kam das Wlan zurück. In den Logs fand sich dann folgende seltsame Meldung:

kernel[0]: wl0: Roamed or switched channel, reason CSA
kernel[0]: wlEvent: en1 en1 Link DOWN virtIf = 0
kernel[0]: wl0: Beacon Loss Event
kernel[0]: AirPort: Link Down on en1. Reason 4 (Disassociated due to inactivity).
kernel[0]: en1: BSSID changed to 00:00:00:00:00:00
kernel[0]: en1::IO80211Interface::postMessage bssid changed

Hat jemand das selbe Problem mit der Kombination (12D65 und 7.6.3)? Die Lösung war dann für mich erst mal die Firmware der AirPort Extreme wieder auf 7.6.1 zu bringen. Das geht am einfachsten im AirPort Dienstprogramm, mit einem Option Click auf die Firmwareversion. Dann eine ältere auswählen und gut is. Es sind, soweit ich das gesehen habe, auch keine großartigen Änderungen in die 7.6.3 eingeflossen.

Ich bin gespannt auf eure Berichte, oder ob ich mal wieder einfach die Arschkarte gezogen habe…