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Wardriver Rev3 Shade Mod

You may already know the Rev3 from i modded the Case, Software and removed the GSM Module and added the 5GHZ BW16 Module with IPEX.


  • Added Support for 1.3″ I2C 128x64px Display with the Adafruit compatible SH1106 library.
  • Rearranged the Text to fit the bigger display.
  • Added the BW16 IPEX Module for 5GHZ WiFi
  • Added a bigger (25x25mm) ceramic GPS antenna
  • Modded the 3D printable case to house the GPS antenna and the 5GHZ antenna

You can find most of the changed hardware on Aliexpress.

You’ll find the modified software on my Github, keep in mind the software is not polished for the moment. I try to be in sync with the original Firmware. The new case is also available on Github for now.

DIY Autonomous HomeLink for Tesla

My garage door is dumb and I searched for a way to make it a bit more intelligent, one way is to buy the HomeLink Module for your Tesla. But still, you have to interact with it to open or close the door and its not cheap. I already have a running IOBroker installation for different home automation things, TeslaMate and a big Zigbee installation at home, so i have a good base to start here.

Attention: You have to be familiar with Tasmota, MQTT, IOBroker (or similar), Zigbee (or similar), basic wiring and soldering! This is definitely nerd stuff and not for the average Tesla driver out there, you’ll need some kind of insanity to complete this tutorial ­čśë

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Ender 5, SKR Mini E3, BLTouch, Octoprint (+512k)

For those, with that combination at home and searched for a simple and structured setup without many visible cables floating around: Thats for you!

I’ve integrated the RPI (3b), the power supply for it (230v AC to 5v DC 2A) and a 24v to 5v buck converter in the stock housing of the ender 5, as a bonus without a USB cable outside ­čśë

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Ender 3, SKR 1.3 and TMC2208 UART

For anyone who is in interest, here are the complete Marlin 2.0 (Dated 25.05.2019) firmware for the Hardware combination:

  1. Ender 3
  2. BigTreeTech SKR 1.3
  3. TMC2208 UART Mode

Flashing the 32Bit ARM SKR Board is very simple, just drop the “firmware.bin” binary on a Micro SD card, push it in the slot on the mainboard, start your printer, wait and done.

Firmware Binary (SHA1 e41791671301d02631e64aac8b350566aa3f4cbb)
Complete Firmware Source

Have fun!

Anet A8 Board Version 1.5 und Marlin Firmware

Falls jemand auch in den “Genuss” kam einen Anet A8 Drucker zu erwerben, welcher Out of the Box keine Sicherheitsfunktionen wie “Thermal Runaway” etc besitzt. Dem sei gesagt, wenn ihr eine Mainboard Revision 1_5 (1.5) habt, ist es gar nicht so einfach Marlin oder eine andere Custom Firmware zu flashen. Der Grund scheint hier wohl ein defekter oder zu gro├čer Bootloader zu sein.

Ich habe nun einige Tage damit verbracht, herauszufinden warum es nicht auf dem normalen Weg mit der Arduino IDE nicht klappt. Am Ende bin ich dazu ├╝bergegangen, das ganze mit einem ISP Programmer zu erledigen. Was anfangs auch nicht ganz einfach war, ich komme nicht aus der Microcontroller Welt ,)

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