Apple did it right… if i see my traffic stats ;)

Cat5_CablesWell, this is suprising, even for me. I already ordered some more bandwidth and traffic for this new Cat, errr Sea Lion, errrrr Mavericks few days ago but this is absolutly crazy!

You generated more traffic since beginning of the year in only now 14 hours. Currently we held around 800 stable connections open and had a total summary of more then 8TB traffic. The Main Mirror is still on 100% port limit since release of the download here.

Guy’s you are really crazy… Some of you may now say, ehh i saw this coming – Well i don’t. I expected much more traffic and bandwidth need but not this much, no this was suprising. Anyway, i hope you enjoy the ride and be able to get much more fun out of all the betas from Apple! There are more to come, more Developer Previews and much more fun! Let me know how is goes with the new Sea Lion, sorry i mean Mavericks OS X 😉

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  1. with mavericks on my rMBP 15, clean install disk usage went from about 19 gigs total in ML to 12 gigs in Mav. which is huge, 7 gigs shaved off !!

  2. with mavericks on my rMBP 15, update install no issues so far in the OS itself.
    Performance seens to be better, Safari is faster than ever before:
    Skype from 6.3 upwards does not work anymore, further 3rd party issues with little snitch, iStatMenus, Java Script, Socialfixer in Safari (Facebook addon) and some users are experiencing a bit trouble with iMessages.

    Stability seems to be very good for such an early DP stage ….

  3. Parallels verweigert sich, da es die Virtualisierungstreiber nicht mehr laden kann, obwohl sich am EFI und SMC nicht geändert hat…

  4. Gibt es eig. schon ein SoftwareUpdateTool, das die kommenden betas über den AppStore laden kann?

  5. As forever i make a clean setup to see how the new OS X behaves, feels, looks like on my iMac 11.2 And now I’m glad for its best run on it but only a thing i may ask for why my wifi wont work after entering wep security password ?
    Any help Thank You

  6. sea lion is very buggy… almost in every new updates… 😈 😈 😈 😈

    but safari was really great. hope there is a standalone version of safari 7.0 :mrgreen:

  7. And donate…

  8. For me this release is stable like crazy.
    I feel the same solid OS like Snow Leopard was.
    This is what ML should have been!

    We will see how it goes… for now it’s just beta. I hope they keep the same ruggedness.

    And thanks mate!

  9. could you upload safari 6.1 beta for ML?

  10. Dank dir shade für den genialen Upload! Du bist echt der Wahnsinn!

  11. Random lurker

    A lot of betas this week. Thanks for uploading Mavericks DP

    • Random lurker

      Sorry…hit post before I finished the sentence. Thanks for posting Mavericks DP1. Sorry to hear about servers being hammered. I downloaded it overnight via NAS download manager, but it is supposed to be configured lightly.

      I think you can expect huge traffic since this site got out of the bag with ML betas, especially notoriously long 10.8.3 release which you provided from the start. Word got out. It is faster and easier to get it from here than torrent, and those are not widely available anyway.

      Thanks for keeping site up.

      Tried both OS X and iOS 7. Liked Mavericks but it is not to be used on regular basis. I did upgrade from Mountain Lion so that might have be the cause of lockups and crashes. Nothing major though. Just did not see it in 10.8.x betas so… Plus, some apps would not run so I reverted to latest stable release. Looking forward to try out next DP if they release one.

      iOS 7 went off my phone faster than expected. It realise it is beta and work in progress so can’t be too critical. It probably performs better on iPhone 5 and its larger screen. 4s performance is laggy. Safari and whole interface have some quirks (elements are not in order) . It is too unstable to be used on regular basis. It seems quite unfinished and I am not too crazy about the new looks. Too many colours. It looks tacky. The whole flat look does’t impress me. And the white, light text is hardly readable on multi-color backgrounds.

  12. Hi, thanks for sharing the resources… 😎 Running 10.9 on non Apple HW (Clover EFI Bootloader)… Works smoothly with no visible issues… Some problems on networking stack / VPNs… Tested L2TP to OSX Sever 10.6.8 and CISCO VPN to work. Both connecting, running, but DNS on remote networks not working (DNS name resolution cannot be used on VPNs, but you can still use IP addresses… And one “cosmetic” fault – there is no more possible to switch to old 2D Dock (defaults write no-glass -boolean YES) – not working… 🙁

  13. Alway I think that very thanksful for fast uploading.

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