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Be careful: XCodeGhost Malware


As the title says, be careful where you download Apple Patches or, this case, XCode. There is a interesting article about a modified XCode floating around in china: XCodeGhost

Our downloads here should be free of “injections” from 3rd party. But you’ll never know, so please check the signature of your downloads every time you download it from somewhere else then Apple.

Windows 10 Build 10240 KVM Integrated








Hey Folks! Here is the new and latest Windows 10 ISO with integrated KVM drivers. Currently i slipstreamed Balloon, VirtIO-SCSI, VirtIO-Storage and VirtRNG. Tested on Vultr and on a RedHat KVM Box. Keep in mind this is the german version of Windows 10 – but can be easily converted to english with Languagepacks.

Windows 10 Build 10240Ger KVM B1.0.1 (SHA1 4dafc6e028481c910b10c4e05df930969f1b164b)
Alternative Mirror

Have fun, this time with a Windows related Blog post! 😉

DHCP-Snooping and Baramundi PXE


Hey folks just a short notice for everyone who uses this combination on Procurve (Maybe this also applies to Cisco and / or Comware) switches. If you enable and configure DHCP-Snooping with trusted ports and authorized servers don’t forget to also authorize the Baramundi PXE Server…

I have no idea why this thing acts like a DHCP server (I’m not really a windows guy 😉 ) but after authorizing it as “DHCP Server” in the snooping, the PXE feature works again on all clients.

Back in da hood!

IcelandShort notice that im back home and things will go on normal now!
Will migrate the beta OS X links soon to the site header.

Btw. Iceland is one of the most interesting and definitely beautiful country i’ve ever seen! Going back to Iceland and Greeland soon 🙂

Hello SSL/TLS!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-04 um 21.27.07

Short notice for the first change in 2015. This blog is now only reachable via SSL/TLS!

Every request for HTTP gets redirected to HTTPS and every content item should be covered by SSL/TLS now. Please clear you browser cache and delete all cookies from if you have problems accessing my blog.

The downloadserver “” is also soon reachable via SSL/TLS!

Merry xMas to all my Visitors

xmasI wish you and your families a merry christmas and a happy new year. it was a exciting and busy year for me and i’m sorry that i not always had time to update new betas 😉 Maybe next year i will have more time to bring you the latest betas and news around Apple and the competitors.


Using betas in stable Yosemite (10.10)

Apples-OS-X-YosemiteJust a short tip for everyone who needs access to betas without a developer account. The follow command brings back access to regular beta downloads via the AppStore!


Just replace the Catalog URL with:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL

Have fun!

Synology TimeMachine and OS X 10.9

synoIf somebody ever wondered about the TimeMachine error message “This backup is already in use” or in german “Dieses Backup wird bereits verwendet”. I think the Synology has problems with PowerNap or some other suspend mode in OS X 10.9.x.

Normally the error is gone after you rebooted the Synology but would you really reboot your NAS every few days? No!

This trick assumes that you have full SSH root access to your NAS. If not please enable SSH on your Synology, you can use this guide to get it enabled.

After you enabled SSH please be sure that no other TimeMachine Backup is running and login to your NAS.

find /volume* -name

If you know the full path to your TimeMachine folder, please replace the “/volume*” with this path, otherwise this can take some time, depending on your amount of files.

You should now know the full path to that file. Now it’s time to rename it! If your path is like “/volume1/timemachine/mbp.sparsebundle/” You can rename it with:

mv /volume1/timemachine/mbp.sparsebundle/ \

If you have multiple TimeMachine backups saved on your NAS, the directories are different! After you renamed the file, the backup should run fine again!

Edit: If this does not work for you, search for running processes on the Synology with the username of your TimeMachine User. Kill all of those processes and you should be fine.

Search for this PID (My user is “tm“, yours is very likely different):

ps | grep tm | grep -v root

Output should like this:

17465 tm 23380 S /usr/syno/sbin/afpd -g guest -c 256 -n pandora6 AFPServer -l default log_error

Now kill that process with the PID (Yours is different!):

kill 17465

Windows 7 ISO with VirtIO drivers

If somebody needs it, i’ve made a ISO image of Windows 7 with SP1 and VirtIO drivers integrated. Some Cloud hosters needs the VirtIO drivers for the storage. You can install Windows 7 on Vultr with this image. Keep in mind this is a german language ISO, but you can install language packs after the installation.

Windows 7 SP1 with VirtIO ISO (SHA1 522e4f1b235d5f2de5140d69c9f98cb8ad1f56a6)

Big Beta news from Apple!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-23 um 07.26.31Thats surprising… if you not already read it on the web, Apple opened the Beta Seeds to the public! At least for Mavericks it’s now possible to get the betas a legal way direct from Apple without any Developer restrictions! Never thought i’d live to see this day!

More info here:


Side note: Please install the latest OS X security update 2014-002 as soon as possible, some serious bugs are fixed!