Windows 10 Build 10240 KVM Integrated








Hey Folks! Here is the new and latest Windows 10 ISO with integrated KVM drivers. Currently i slipstreamed Balloon, VirtIO-SCSI, VirtIO-Storage and VirtRNG. Tested on Vultr and on a RedHat KVM Box. Keep in mind this is the german version of Windows 10 – but can be easily converted to english with Languagepacks.

Windows 10 Build 10240Ger KVM B1.0.1 (SHA1 4dafc6e028481c910b10c4e05df930969f1b164b)
Alternative Mirror

Have fun, this time with a Windows related Blog post! 😉

  1. nice, i will try now on vultr
    hope its work

  2. I found this really helpful, can you make a windows server 2008 r2?

  3. thank you my friend, download already windows7 and win10 from your website, can you make a win8\win8.1 for people out there, I think many-many users will appreciate this and you will get many visitors, because everybody search this from google. Thanks mate!

  4. this is demanding for product key how do i skip it

  5. this is not working always asking for product key on vultr

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