Soooo how was your WWDC2013 feeling?

mavericksI can see betas everyhwere! As a special gift for you guys i prepared a third special download mirror which is not part of the default mirror Please choose the different mirrors directly from below! The total network capacity available is not disclosed but its much more then at the last OS X Developer Preview 😉

Enough tech talk, here are the long awaited OS X 10.9 Mavericks Preview! I decided to not provide the iOS 7 Betas because nobody can use it without a proper developer account.

For testing, for happiness, for celebration for… eehhh just download and enjoy!

OS X Mavericks 10.9 Developer Preview Build 13A476u
(SHA1 48ac15d7b62981aa9cd3432ed63f958d7af94561)
XCode 5 Developer Preview 1
(SHA1 709f09d982874793d2370ef76438125efcc7dcf3)

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  1. Random lurker

    Thanks! That was fast. I actually looking forward to testing new OS X release. Was not impressed with iOS. Will test this in a virtual machine to see if it stable enough for every day usage.

    I appreciate the links. It is a big download. It will take a couple of hours for me to get it.

  2. Thank You 😀

  3. Wondering if it is stable enough to use fulltime. Will probably install it in a VM first.

  4. Can you please put that in torrent. Its a big download !

  5. Special THX to shade

  6. GEIL ))))

    Danke für die schnelle Lieferung 😉

  7. shade i was reading that you don’t need udid code this year for iOS 7. i forgot you didnt need it for ios 6.thats my bad for saying earlier you did need to register the udid so you could post ios 7 if you wanted to.

    • Maybe i will do this later when some of the mirrors cooled down. At the moment i have around 2Gbit/s traffic across all mirrors.
      I’ll let all of you download 10.9 first. Btw. there are already some sources on the net where you can download iOS7 😉


  9. Danke Danke Danke!

  10. Thanks Dude! Speed is reasonable, will be done in a couple hours..

  11. Shade…, I LOVE U !!!!

  12. Mirror no working for some it seems:
    Got (Server closed connection while sending the HTTP header.):

    • Maybe you ran into the connection limit. There are only 2 connections per host allowed. Lower your connections and it should be fine.

  13. die4dimension

    Danke, das Leben macht wieder Sinn 😛

  14. Can some say somethink about how stable it is?

  15. anyone else installed this? my safari is not working now, always show a white page! :O
    thx for upload! ^^ 😛

  16. iOS works wo UDID


    Will it cover the all original data, apps and setting to install a new os? OR it just remained our own settings and apps?

  18. danke danke lange gewartet aber Geschäft , man danke du bist alle alle größte 😛

  19. I’m also wondering just like poli, what will happen with my programs, settings and accounts if I install it over ML ?

  20. Ty 😛

  21. How do you create bootable image from it? Help please.
    How do you install it actually?

  22. I installed it on my 2012 Air. Played with it for an hour or so. Seems pretty stable, only anomaly was had to mess around to get iMessage to work.

    You can install it over Mountain Lion, all your data and most settings are preserved.

    I’m probably going to go ahead and install it on my main machine, my Mini, tonight. It took about 30 minutes on the Air, but the Mini has a mechanical hard drive so I am assuming it will take close to an hour.

  23. Image is corrupted, downloaded twice from mirror2 and 3

  24. Thanks Shade!

    To people considering to use this as their main OS: Skype does not work properly, it crashes when you click one of your contacts in the side bar. That is a deal breaker to me.

  25. I had to enable RateLimit, MaxConnections per Server and limit every client to maximum 2 connections, say thanks to all freaks who hammers the server with total freaking 0,2 seconds of reconnections… 😯

    Seriously this is a private thing, come down and please DISABLE your totaly INSANE downloadmanagers or download it from everywhere else but not here! 👿

  26. Danke Danke Danke.

    Gibt es ein neues SeedTool für die Updates über die Softwareaktualisierung, oder sollte dies mit den nächsten Betas von 10.9. weiterhin funzen?

  27. Worked from main link, image seems good!

  28. Thanks, I will try it.

  29. hat noch wer kein iBooks oder ist das noch nicht vorhanden?

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