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OS X 10.9 and XCode DP3! (and Safari 6.1 Seed 3)

mavericksHere they are. Developer Preview 3 family of new generation OS X!
Let me know how it goes on your Mac!

Happy testing!



OS X 10.9 DP3 Combo Update Build 13A510D (SHA1 3266db2e9935ba0a99cf8010fccb2946c2478c37)
XCode 5 DP3 Build 5A11344j (SHA1 9aaba4b7ed0757412de350db5d89f0a15292b964)
Safari 6.1 Seed 3 Installer (SHA1 d38ccd3db4e04aea25b7fa5819e7071d5236b72e)
Safari 6.1 Seed 3 Uninstaller (SHA1 eca3bd7eead96e1bd6f6de16e448d8dddbd0bfec)

Soooo how was your WWDC2013 feeling?

mavericksI can see betas everyhwere! As a special gift for you guys i prepared a third special download mirror which is not part of the default mirror Please choose the different mirrors directly from below! The total network capacity available is not disclosed but its much more then at the last OS X Developer Preview 😉

Enough tech talk, here are the long awaited OS X 10.9 Mavericks Preview! I decided to not provide the iOS 7 Betas because nobody can use it without a proper developer account.

For testing, for happiness, for celebration for… eehhh just download and enjoy!

OS X Mavericks 10.9 Developer Preview Build 13A476u
(SHA1 48ac15d7b62981aa9cd3432ed63f958d7af94561)
XCode 5 Developer Preview 1
(SHA1 709f09d982874793d2370ef76438125efcc7dcf3)