mountainAs the title says, next beta of 10.8.5 is out and i really hope the wlan stack (In 5GHZ mode) is now more stable then in the other builds.

For you, for testing, for happiness!


OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F26 Delta Update (SHA1 48e587a121e54c4127a20564d4dc83b7dcaf8ab3)
OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F26 Combo Update (SHA1 be45c40bb9befa122504143c790be9346a830dc5)

  1. Im always thanks for your update! Have a nice day~ 😛

  2. Viel dank!

  3. as always thanks. :mrgreen:
    wifi 5Ghz still isn’t working like I would expect it from a mac
    maybe they make a workaround in 10.9 :mrgreen:

  4. Thnx!!

  5. Quite better than 10.8.4. Seems smoother to me
    WiFi on last generation macbook air still doesn’t work like a charm as it should

  6. 12f30 just out

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