Short Bandwidth notice

Cat5_CablesSo, some of you already complaining about slow speeds and stalled downloads from here. Well, i saw this coming, more and more people download this stuff and it was only a matter of time i need more bandwidth.

For now i added one more (IPv4 and IPV6) server to the DNS and it should rotate in round robin concept. If the bandwidth need still grows that much, i have to get some nice GBit lines here… uh and can everybody see the nice and shiny Bitcoin Donate button on the right? 😉

Keep in mind that this are all “only” betas, what happen if the next cat (10.9) is released… it scares me and my servers right now! :p

  1. Random lurker

    I have been expecting this post for some time. I was surprised you were able to provide all those betas as a direct download instead of torrent for as long as you have. I haven’t had issues so far and downloads were always fast. I can only imagine the bandwidth used when people download 800+ MB file.

    I am well aware that it costs money to run a site, especially sharing OS betas for free…so I will ask what I asked before, Is there any other way to donate to you besides Bitcoin?

  2. The_Photographer

    @ Random: 100% agree 🙂

  3. hello

    first i want to thank u , for the many downloads i have do from here..
    i always search here for beta versions of mac os x… thanks
    long live to mac osx …. rsrsrsrs

    about the speed i always do my downloads at maximum speed my band 1,6 mb.. so no complains..

    anyway good work my friend.. one more time thanks …

  4. Yes, please provide an alternative to bitcoin for donation. Even a strait Paypal that people can transfer to will do! thanks!

  5. always I think that thxful for downloading… 🙂 and 10.8.4 12E30 Released!

  6. I think a better option is to upload the beta files to file sharing website, such as rapidshare, uploaded, etc.

    When people download your files, you can get credit to your account, when you get enough credit, they will transfer the credit to $ to your paypal account.

    I think this is a compromise.


    • Random lurker

      Heavens no! 1000 times no. I would rather donate to the site owner or simply pay for developer access to Apple rather than using Rapidshare or Uploaded (or anything else). Those are painfully slow to use and simple garbage. People who leech this site either link to file directly or upload themselves to one of those hosts to share on boards. Plain wrong.

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