XCode 5 Golden Master / Remote Desktop 370A55

xcodeHere it is the XCode 5 Golden Master with 64Bit App Support build in and the command line tools. Did you already installed iOS 7 on your devices? It’s running very well on my iPhone 5!

Happy testing, just for you!



XCode 5 Golden Master Build 5A1412 (SHA1 9fbb5a806e31cedc02a16c4328d0d500f9cf919e)
XCode 5 Golden Master Command Line Tools (SHA1 abd6da89e62d01abdee3656b8bba9891322ac618)
Apple Remote Desktop Build 370A55 (SHA1 5871d06f4bf728381b0b574cd37c7f5c31c93218)

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  1. Please, when do you start mirroring iOS Betas/GMs?

  2. Du hast die Downloads verkehrt benannt 😉

  3. Thank you very much! Is there a version of the Command Line Tools available for 10.9? The download linked here says it only supports 10.8.

  4. as always thanks :mrgreen:

  5. thanks 😉

  6. OS X 10.9 P 8 ist da !! danke 😉

  7. Kasemsan Chompuwised

    safari 6 seed 8 please

    very thank

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