Long live the Mountain Lion!

mountainThe (very) long awaited next beta of 10.8.5 with build number 12F36 is ready to test! Maybe it’s the last beta we will see from 10.8.5?!

Happy testing!


OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F36 Combo Update (SHA1 7cf258f138d4193c6bf68118ecff12714b47b4e0)
OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F36 Delta Update (SHA1 4b5393d0ccf70001538aebc95ac550b4e213b359)

  1. thanks as always :mrgreen:

  2. Thanks!

    Updated both ML and Safari. All is well. I was expecting final release having been so long since last beta. I am sure we can expect final release next week (10th?). So far so good for me. No issues on my side, but expect a few quirks in early releases and slow shutdown issue, ML has been rock solid for me.

    • I really hope they did not screw up Wifi again… it’s running very well at the moment, with 12F30, on 5GHZ!

      • The one thing I kept repeating is breaking things that are not broken. :)) I would warmly suggest not to update if it is currently working for you.

        I had Wi-fi issues with connection dropping on both iPhone and Air. I thought it was only a router issue. Windows computer did not drop connection or slow down with weaker signal like Air did. I did add a new router to boost the signal and it seems to have helped.w The new one emits signal better so the wireless is solid on Mac. iPhone drops connection from time to time even though it says it is connected when I am on ground floor. However, it is 2.4 GHz band only so I cannot test/confirm the issues have been resolved in newer beta releases. 🙁 I do hope someone who does use 5 GHz band can tell if they changed something.

        I do like to beta test so problems are to be expected. I have been surprised how solid betas have been so far.

  3. where’s ml 10.8.5 build 12f45

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