How about Safari?

safariHere are the requested Safari 6.1 Beta Build for the good old Mountain Lion.
Have fun with it and happing testing!

Safari 6.1 Beta Installer (ML)
(SHA1 ff45efd4d290e21d943353a9f7ebee6f49ab3d3e)
Safari 6.1 Beta Uninstaller (ML)
(SHA1 6211343945b9110e160ada583ac5c3803aae94e8)

  1. Cool THX

  2. Do you upload for us the iWork for iCloud in-browser version to try it. Thank You

  3. thanks again

  4. How about Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.7 (to go with Mavericks)

  5. Hey Shade, can u also upload 10.8.5 beta seed 1 please ? thnx
    I want to see whats new with pdf viewing and preview app improvements they are touting !!

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