10.8.4 Beta Build 12E33a

mountainNot may words, some of you already have it downloaded over the SeedConf Utility, maybe some other need still need it. Here you go!



OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E33a Delta Update (SHA1 d25a0d93eb103729b432d3f283957c0b6e14589e)
OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E33a Combo Update (SHA1 7a146a05f78f16534e18d1c11ffa9f29d90a9b71)

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  1. Thank you man .. oh yes i dont have that utility to download every seed pls continue to feed us as ever you did 😀

  2. It is the best!


  3. super fast
    Downloaded in 10 seconds..


  4. A bit strange @Safari.
    With this build the Safari Version felt back from 6.5 (1507) inside the 12E30 to 6.0.3 (8536.28.10) within the 12E33a
    Does somebody understand this???

  5. danke man du bist alle alle grüßte 😉

  6. Danke! Danke! Und nochmals … Du bist der Größte!

  7. danke man du bist alle alle größte 😉

  8. my safari is in 6.0.3 and can not be up version and not because 🙁

  9. thx for upload~ 🙂

  10. Random lurker

    For Safari, use this to download and install: http://swcdn.apple.com/content/downloads/42/19/041-9948/ukb1udm7ie7zsfjc8o1lkzs8dcpax9d8gt/Safari6.0.4Mountain.pkg

    Credits go to a poster on MacRumors.

  11. hi.- random lurker- danke für safari 6.0.4 bei mir hat jetzt schön funktionieret danke man 😉

  12. I always get installation failed… 🙁 MD5 sums isn’t right. What can i do? :S

    • Random lurker

      The only way I can think of: try emptying browser cache and try again. Try using different browser instead. Try (not) using download manager. In the end do try to update via software update utility. It is a small download and I have no issues using it. It saves Shade some bandwidth as well.

  13. Guys believe me on this, this update even further boosted the 15 inch retina MBP battery life getting a good 8 if not 8.5 hours of ‘casual’ usage in school work and flashless web. Might even go upto maybe 9 with low brightness but thats theoretical. I love this !!!

  14. build 12E36

  15. Marcelo10igner

    Beta build 12E36 is out!!! 😀

  16. Random lurker

    Apple Seeds Build 12E36 of OS X Beta 10.8.4 Developers…reported via MacRumors. Seed update utility worked well. Safari supposedly got update to 6.0.5. I have not tested it yet. Will report if any issues arise. No problems with betas so far.

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