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OS X 10.9 and XCode DP3! (and Safari 6.1 Seed 3)

mavericksHere they are. Developer Preview 3 family of new generation OS X!
Let me know how it goes on your Mac!

Happy testing!



OS X 10.9 DP3 Combo Update Build 13A510D (SHA1 3266db2e9935ba0a99cf8010fccb2946c2478c37)
XCode 5 DP3 Build 5A11344j (SHA1 9aaba4b7ed0757412de350db5d89f0a15292b964)
Safari 6.1 Seed 3 Installer (SHA1 d38ccd3db4e04aea25b7fa5819e7071d5236b72e)
Safari 6.1 Seed 3 Uninstaller (SHA1 eca3bd7eead96e1bd6f6de16e448d8dddbd0bfec)