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10.8.3 Build 12D78 is the chosen one!

theendNot far from now, Build 12D78 is marked as final from apple and available at the Apple AppStore Update site! Wow, what a beta race build… i hope this Update is absolut flawless or i’m going out and buy a Windows 8 PC *brrrr* no i’ll never would do such horrible things, sorry for that 😉

I hope everybody out there enjoys the release and i also hope that it is a “everything is cool” release for all of us! Let me know how it goes on your Mac’s!

Edit: The “Blue Tined” bug is back… great, NOT!

OS X 10.8.3 Beta Build 12D78

mountainIt’s unbelievable… just the next beta from Apple… this time it is labeled with 12D78 and hopefully the last beta for 10.8 or we can just download 10.9 beta before we have the final of 10.8.3 😉

As always, for you, for testing, for happiness!

OS X 10.8.3 Beta Build 12D78 Delta Update (SHA1 cbe671d6475deaf9d9ada18663044f86a3c96215)
OS X 10.8.3 Beta Build 12D78 Combo Update (SHA1 ffba3d2491430d5a99ec529ea2b54b62f88d2238)