Mavericks is near….!

mavericksHere we are DP6 is available! Bit late but hey, better late then never! 😉

Some stuff added: XCode DP6 with CL Tools, Safari 6.1 Seed 6, Remote Desktop Preview Build 370A51, iPhoto 11 Build 9.4.6 and the corresponding OS X Server Preview Build 13s341g!

Happy downloading, happy testing!


OS X Mavericks 10.9 DP6 Combo Update (SHA1 09e2cc9d8136afa2464ea055da85669a862e3734)
OS X Server Preview Build 13s341g (SHA1 78f2446b0e326a3947c60a416246706f01e229db)
XCode 5 Developer Preview 6 (SHA1 2d9b9c376f275f1c9a3d2905156b003df4169957)
XCode Command Line Tools Mavericks (SHA1 d8f5a2f4c7a51b1d47b7823c40afc60d0b8d17e6)
XCode Command Line Tools Mountain Lion (SHA1 6631bca975dde54775dd995a6afaa6a1735b700a)
Safari 6.1 Seed 6 Installer (SHA1 52195cd13331d25b5ee3f01d45f1248cdc741857)
Safari 6.1 Seed 6 Uninstaller (SHA1 e2c60d0fd7f382dcad67db19e1700b1ec37f4cbb)
Apple Remote Desktop Build 370A51 (SHA1 0fb1092817b280242ad6e0965e753d49f731cde5)
iPhoto 11 Mavericks Preview Build 9.4.6 (SHA1 81e1c0d23a60be1be49ad977c61afe21f82aefd0)

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  1. …i doubt that. Mavericks comes probably in Oct. 2013. DP6 has too many bugs @ the moment, IMHO.

    Btw, thanks for your work! 😉

  2. danke man ! 😉

  3. Could you also add Apple Remote Desktop 3.7 | build 370A51 ?
    Thanks anyway for all the wonderful stuff!!

  4. Love you (just for once) 🙂

  5. Thanks as always :mrgreen:

  6. Hi, kannst du bitte den Full installer von DP6 hochladen? :mrgreen:
    Danke hast echt ne top Seite 🙂

  7. Could you please also add IPhoto 11 Build 9.4.6 (for iPhoto-Compatibility with Mavericks)?

    Thank you for your great opportunities to test!

  8. Does anyone know of some Onyx-similar app for mavericks? onyx does not work on mavericks at this date?

    another question would be: is there a full mavericks-package available (with all DPs included starting with DP1) for a new clean install (without updating through to DP6)?

  9. Hi Shade!

    Do you know that, the MD5 Sum of the uploaded DP6 Combo is different from the given MD5 Sum?

    (The given is:

    What I downloaded:

    I downloaded twice, but it isn’t ok…

    Can you do something?

    Or the fault is in my machine?

    Many thanks!


    • The checksum on the blog is not MD5, it’s SHA1. You can check the SHA1Sum on a Mac with openssl, a guide is here, the short version is: openssl sha1 [full path to file]

  10. All my toolbar icons disappeared after updating to DP6

  11. DP 7 (full installer) if available shade pleeeaseeee ?

  12. Full installer would be great. :mrgreen: I hope they fixed the scrolling issue in DP 7.

  13. thanks for all effort u make 😀 waiting for DP7 combo Update 😉

  14. All my toolbar icons have dissappeared. What have I done wrong?

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