Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Safari!

mavericksHere we go! Some Mavericks stuff, Developer Preview 4 Full Installer, Developer Preview 5 Combo Update, Safari 6 Developer Seed 5 aaand 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F33 released and available here for download.

Have fun folks!



OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F33 Combo Update (SHA1 78bd369cecb537d3fda91327f7a1a070d3e24ec8)
OS X 10.8.5 Beta Build 12F33 Delta Update (SHA1 9af4a1b34f82abfbbf66a99e5d3ff7d2bcc945da)
OS X 10.9 DP5 Combo Update (SHA1 f8a48a662463855abb093ce3a2a67e35c6f42296)
OS X 10.9 Mavericks DP4 Full Installer (SHA1 9578dfd2f8fba1a574cf792013af62d0930ba00e)
Safari 6 Developer Seed 5 Installer (SHA1 87ae9722fbc494c1c9305a88470c77788e4988a6)
Safari 6 Developer Seed 5 Uninstaller (SHA1 5f284d854cf8371f19de8a3dfb10605c9d6fa0f0)

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  1. as always thanks :mrgreen:

  2. thanksssss arigato hatur nuhun terima kasihh :mrgreen:

  3. Would be great if there were a torrent for OS X 10.9 Mavericks DP4 Full Installer

  4. Mavericks compatible iPhoto-Upgrade (as well as a potential new iTunes-Beta, the old is slow as hell) would be great!

    Thank you! By the way: did anyone ever tried to look, if some of the circulating Mavericks-Betas are altered from those Apple seeds?

  5. Does anyone else have the problem since DP4 that iTunes and Safari are partially in English although the Main Language is set to German?

    • Random Lurker

      First of all, thanks very much Shade for posting downloads. Always appreciated. I have been downloading Full DP4 whole day. Tried to install DP1 and update to DP4 with combo update, but that did not work. Computer would not boot at all. The App Store only offered DP2. Will try with full install of DP4 and update to DP5. Hope it works.

      Kevin, I read that is known issue in DP (on Mac Rumors forums). It seems the OS has not been yet fully translated or it could be bug.

      • Hey you can not skip any DP version the order goes 2 then 3 then 4 only then 5 . You can not skip to any other version . 😛

        • Random Lurker

          Thank you! I wish I had known that earlier. I did install full DP4 and used combo to update to DP5. All is working well now. The one thing I am experiencing is iTunes crashing when switching account, for example. Otherwise, it is running solid.

    • Ja iTunes, Safari und iPhoto sind auf englisch, das ist bei mir auch so. Das kommt, weil das Beta-Versionen sind

  6. danke danke wie immer 😉

  7. Adding the mirror sure helped!! thx a mil!

  8. Mavericks Developer Preview 5 is honestly so fast, it feels as fast as Snow Leopard and a little bit snappier. It makes the OS so much more enjoyable!

  9. Hi there!!!
    THX A LOT!!!
    Do you have this small app/dmg to enabling developer auto update from app store?
    thx a lot
    or remeber name of this .dmg ?

  10. Dear!

    Thanks for ur DP4 full installer.

    Can you tell me how to update DP5 into Installer. before, i always install DP1 and update to DP2, Dp3, Dp4, DP5 long time to wait.

    I was installed on hackintosh.


    • That’s the only way ! I did that in hackintosh ! When it cracked at DP3 then created time machine backup ! And it again crashed this time restored from time machine back up to directly DP4 then installed DP5 update 🙂

  11. Hi. meine liebe leute ich brauche euchre hilfe bitt bitte !! ich habe eine großen problem ich kan meinen imac 27 zoll late 2012 nimmer starten meine nefe hat irgendwas gemacht es geht am geste anmelden ich habe keine zugrief meher auf meine richtge konto zum anmelden bis vor par min ist gegangen nur auf geste anmeldung jetz habe mich vesrsuht neue id zu erstellen hat funtionert aber bei neue starten geht keine müglichkeit meher ich kan momental nix tun ich brauche euchre hilfe bitte bitte hilfst mich !!! danke danke wen jemand von euch mich einen tip geben könte danke lg

  12. What does it exactly mean this a DP5 Combo? I’ve been testing DP1 (build 13A476u) for while, so can I take this combo to skip to DP5?

    …Or should I update step by step: DP2, DP3, DP4, DP5?

  13. @Calvin
    It just goes step by step through DP2, dp3 … To Dp5.
    Had the same.

  14. bug scrolling? ❓

    • I think so. Sometimes I can’t scroll in Chrome or Tweetbot and have to restart them for scrolling to work.

  15. Und die developer preview 6 von Mavericks ist auch schon da…

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