Next one please! 10.8.4 Build 12E55

mountainAs every week James? Yes, a new release of the 10.8.4 Beta Build is out of the headquarter of Cupertino and ready for test. I hope the 10.9 is released soon, then we have a lot more things to test ๐Ÿ˜‰


OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E55 Combo Update (SHA1 abd35c0bfc70979e63779c2ff950b9a7ed6a3102)
OS X 10.8.4 Beta Build 12E55 Delta Update (SHA1 cae8683afda8038d85e6058e0839e7a3eb670264)

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  1. Dankรถรถ

  2. BORNelectric

    vielen vielen Dank ! ! !

    was wรผrd ich nur ohne deine Seite machen

  3. Man kann es nicht oft genug sagen. DAAANKE!

  4. was soll ich dazu sagen danke danke !! bis bald auf 10.9 !!

  5. die4dimenion


  6. hello
    since installing the new beta macbook pro screen goes black (the model 2007 that was said to have used to bring a problena with the video card) I tried booting failure mode and works at times, the only way can use it is by the DVI output to a tv
    they think they could do to fix the problem
    thank you very much

  7. thnx man gr8 site, keep them comming!

  8. I thought anything before 2008 is no longer Mountain Lion compatible?

  9. @wayner8088

    Nope. MacBookPro Mid/Late 2007 is fine.

  10. this beta is identical to official?

  11. is not the same
    OSXUpdCombo 10.4.4- 849.3MB ๐Ÿ™

  12. 10.4.4? Sounds like an very old version. Where moe at 10.8.4…

  13. sorry Alex,
    10.8.4, OSXUpdCombo 10.8.4- 849.3MB ( ), and 12E55, 846MB

  14. Sorry Enrique it’s the same thing
    after updating combo 10.8.4
    it still says 12E55 :mrgreen:

  15. When 10.9 Comes out. Will you post it? ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am curious how long will it take for developer to access it after it is released at WWDC?

    Thanks mate for all the time and effort.

  16. bald OS X 10.9 drei tage noch !!! bis zu wwdc

  17. 10.8.5 Beta Released at 19, Jun

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