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Smal Updates!

mavericksHere we are again, with some smal updates! Apple released Mavericks Developer Preview 2 as an AppStore Update for every user who has already the Developer Preview 1. XCode is now available in Developer Preview 2. Both Packages redy to download from here, if anybody needs it.

Note: You need DP1 already installed for this Update!
For you, for testing, for happiness!


OS X 10.9 Developer Preview 2 Update (SHA1 ec0ef7bf4af0981417344ed1bd99398257c211ad)
XCode 5 Developer Preview 2 (SHA1 41e71bd0118dc9b277fc0f28a101202f7055f370)

Safari 6 Developer Preview 2

Kurzer Blogpost, da nur kleines Update. Musste noch schnell noch Safari 6 Developer Preview in Update 2 nachschieben. Happy Betatesting!




Safari 6 Developer Preview 2 (MD5 195585767d0b311a1b78c981e32be1d2)
Safari 6 Developer Preview 2 Uninstaller (MD5 f54f6c24ae6eead0935a9e6a0992c630)